Add On Services

We strive to make every visit a happy visit.

These are some of the extra services that we offer.

Nail Trims and Filing

Nail trims are included with every groom but by owners request we can also file the nails down for an extra $5 to create a rounded edged to reduce the risk of being scratched by sharp nails after being trimmed. Both nail trims and filing are also available upon walk in.

Nail Polish

After getting your pets nails cut why not make them look like show material by finishing them off with one of our many nail polish colors. For only $20 you can choose from our wide range of animal friendly nail polishes.

Teeth Brushing and Breath Spray

Included with every groom your pet will have their breath freshened with a minty breath spray. Going the extra step to ensuring dental hygiene you can get your pets teeth brushed thoroughly for $5. This helps to reduce plaque and tartar on your pets teeth and top it off with a minty smelling mouth. Both also offered as a walk in service.

Spray On Tattoos

Starting at $5 you can spice things up by getting your furry friend a temporary spray on tattoo. We have many different options for you to choose from for any day of the week and special occasions.

Hair Dye

One of our offers that many people love to take advantage of is hair dyeing. Using pet friendly dyes starting at $5 we can do any fun colors you would like, this also adds a fun edge to your pet to set them apart from the rest!

Paw pad lotion

Keep your pups paws soft with lavender paw spa for $3

Ear Cleansing

As part of your pets groom they will also get their ears cleaned out with a medicated ear cleaner. This gets out anything that could be in the canal and helps to reassure your pets hygiene. for $5

Bows and Ties

A Happy Tail offers bows or ties to finish off every groom, but you can also come in to spice up your pup any time.